hello guys and gals, I am also on visit me there if you may :D


obey dience

stop the rants, play, be awesome and get the job done



currently lazying round before starting my finals on AI tomorrow
writing calms


JAPAN HOUR.1-2pm. Channel News Asia. Fav. (2001-2004)


my personal favourite tumblr is pushthemovement. Swag


and youre in the woods,  with your friends walking to a place that you always like to go, or need to just to stay alive. it became a road that connect but its long winding thorny and thick with bushes and spikes. well, you can make at first you can cut down the bushes that are homes to venomous and dangerous animals, then its a bit clear but you want to make it a smooth journey and start carrying around goods on your way to the place, you place gravels all over. and when it starts to get busier and heavier load are carried along u need actual pavement, there u have it a long straight smooth road that were once a thick bush. you cannot do it, except with the help of your friends, teamwork manpower and the same need drive you to make a road not only later useful for yourself and your bandmates, but to all of your sons and other people. there, you don't live alone, you cant work things off alone, theres people, communicate, seek help have relations to them and socialize, this is the world. You Will Never Walk Alone


hye, and good afternoon. i am on my way to the mosque for the Friday prayer, and to the examination hall for one last paper of the final exam later on. wish and pray for me that i and my friend would do well for it and get satisfying overall results insyaAllah.


Al Fatihah


feels so fresh i wanna call us 'The Febreze Boys"

its good to be back in touch i hope we're ok and i am sorry. k whats past is past let it be and lets have a fresh start (: and anyway here's my Twitter and for all of you do have a relaxing weekend. ciao


shapeshift and trick the past again

this is one cool sound, heard it from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. but ill divert you to the main reason im writing this post. its not that i was late or slow or something i just think that we best stay as friends. maybe its my gesture that makes u think i'm still into you, so yeah its just drinks and talks and then go or movies but with two or more, and then go. but, kalau dah jodoh tak kemana right. we'll be texting soon, you know who you are, and i think you'd understand




CNY is near yeay and it means holidays for a week. but for a week of Rabbit's year i won't be going home because of the training. since, i have nothing to do other than loiter around wasting time i had better get a fitter body. but don't worry ill try my best to catch with my friends back home. esp kak d and intan, before you guys fly aite? till then, have a good rest on some good night


new guilty pleasure

The Shins. ohyeah! heard some of their sound while im still in highschool. downloaded few songs early last year. and recently listens to Australia and New Slang and it immediately feels like eating space cake and seeing unicorns. mellow, simple, easy on the ear. that's how i would describe it. and i would recommend Pink Bullets , goosebumps crawling, brr


Man vs Wild: Bear Grylls

"contains more protein than beef or fish, they're perfect survival food".
so, he eats the larvae. i love this show.


Despicable Me: agnes

there was this three little girl who were orphan and lives in the orphanage of Miss Hattie's Home For Girls and later adopted by a villain named Gru. Agnes is the youngest... yes remember her? shes so cute i'm gonna dieee. she make this puckling sound with her cheeks, she asks Gru to read bedtime stories, and she loves unicorn. ive shared this vids on facebook, and here so i could adore her more

most famous quote, Agnes: its so fluffy i'm gonna die! :D
LOL they even have the Unicorn Song up, with lyrics! aha


ron if i were in your shoes...

not a big fan of Harry Potter but i got to admit that she is pre'ieyy

ohyeah! comedians

reminiscing back... anyone have trouble laughing? if one does then they should seek help, from some witch doctor or psychiatrist.

the addiction spark came when my friend shown vids of some comedy show, or a comedian, when we're still in high school. among my personal favorite and a lot of people of course is the infamous Russell Peters. his comedy on different races of people are wonderful. Jeff Dunham and his puppets. peanut and jose jalpeno was the best. and recently Ricky Gervais, the taboo breaker, had me bundled with shots of laughter. these are among their best shows

"i want punani, gimme Two, with no seeds"

peanut: dun-HAAAM

"obesity is a disease"
smiles "no its not is it, you just like eating dont you"


need for speed shift 2

my holiday is near to end and ive spent my days playing games, mostly Need For Speed Shift. its my muse as well as it bores, it is tense and frequently frustrate because at some level its hard to win. its enjoyable anyway when we keep the winning streak, the addiction makes us want to play more.

i have not yet finished the game but its near completion. and so looking forward to its sequel, Need For Speed Shift 2. out in spring 2011 babyy. the trailer is cool yeah, and yes i am that easily convinced by trailers

i have the idea that you are here



they did well, they deserve it, syabas Harimau Malaya!